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Are you still in book publishing?

When you look at the niche sector you are publishing books into, does it really make sense to think about it as book publishing anymore?

More and more, I look at companies who think they are BOOK publishers and I begin to think that at best they are publishers and at worst service companies!

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, just that they haven’t acknowledged the change themselves!


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You can try to win a features arms race by offering everything under the sun. Or you can just focus on a couple of things and do ‘em really well and get people who really love those things to love your product. For little guys, that’s a smarter route.

How Chipotle, Pinkberry, and others win big by doing just a few things well - (37signals)

This is niche publishing in a nutshell. Also, bookselling. 10 years from now, the most successful publishers and bookstores will be “little guys”.

(via glecharles) AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS - both the original post and Glecharles’ view too.

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